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Who We Are

Learn About Our Mission

At Boomers Property Services, we strive to offer services to both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties the most accurate and up-to-date information on the structure and mechanical workings of the major components of any given building. Using technologies such as thermal imaging, moisture detection, magnetometers, and photographs, and by creating a narrative that is simple to read and understand, we can make sure you get the information you need.

We don’t stop there. We are always available for consultation and to help the client through the process. Questions are always free, and we do our very best to provide as much information as the client requests. We tailor the reports to the CLIENT’S request. You are always in command.

You won’t get just a cookie-cutter report but rather a detailed accounting of the structure based on your request. Life safety and your requests are our priority. We will NEVER cut corners in that regard.

As a third-party certified independent inspector, it’s our responsibility to make sure the highest standards and best practices are strictly adhered to. We do not take that responsibility lightly. We want to be your partner in the process and give you confidence through information and education so that you can enjoy your purchase for decades to come. We are a member of “The International Association of CERTIFIED Home Inspectors” (InterNACHI) and accredited by the BBB in good standing. Feel free to look us up there.

Educating Our Clients

Boomers Property Service was established because we saw a need for thorough, accurate, independent 3rd party reporting on homes and businesses. Being in the construction space for over 40 years, we have firsthand knowledge of building science, local codes, and best practices. This, coupled with new technologies offered in the inspection field, gives us an advantage of knowing what to look for and where.

We have a passion for helping people; we want them to know that when making one of the biggest purchases in their life, they have a resource to help them through the process. That’s why we stay up to date on the latest building techniques and practices. There are many out there that don’t know construction and are just in it to do fast inspections. We don’t make that claim lightly. We’ve seen reports that we’re astonished at how far short they really fall. There will always be those that look at only the price. We aim to educate and inform those that don’t know they don’t know.

That’s why we took the extra time and expense to get educated on thermal imaging. This is a great tool to see things that the natural eye cannot, helping us to find moisture and water intrusion that hides behind walls and is even purposefully hidden to “make ready” for sale. After doing thousands of rehabs on homes, we’ve seen how shady flippers do their best to hide things from buyers. Then after the purchase, the new owners find themselves saddled up with thousands of dollars in repairs that should have already been done. We’ve also seen very similar things in brand-new home builds, with builders making warranty repairs that get them through the 12-month warranty with improper repairs done to unsuspecting homeowners that don’t know what to look for. So it looks good, but it’s not really best practice and not something that will last the life of the home. We’re able to offer both “over see it” inspections and 11-month warranty inspections that hold builders accountable.

Get the Information You Need
We make ourselves available for consulting, and questions are always free here. So we don't just do inspections; we partner with homeowners and business owners for as long as they need us.

We see when people use others that have something to sell, the sellers are always saying things like, “oh this will take care of your problem for sure,” when in reality, they’re just trying to sell or upsell a product. Our allegiance is to the client. Yes, this does cost money, but we believe we are fair and reasonable for the services we provide. When someone is educated, it gives them confidence in decision making. We’ve seen and heard way too many times, “you don’t want to be a deal killer, so don’t say or report too much.” We say the more accurate, the better. We were founded not to be “deal killers,” but rather to be a mountain of information that gives the buyer AND seller knowledge of the bones and heartbeat of any given structure. It’s up to the parties involved to make or break “the deal.”

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