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11-Month Warranty & New Home Inspection

Worry Less About Your Home

Get a New Home Inspection from a Company in Lakeland, FL, and Serving All of Florida

Worry less about the condition of your new home!

At Boomers Property Services, we can provide new home inspection and 11-month warranty inspection service to clients throughout Lakeland, FL, and the entire state of Florida. Our InterNACHI certified professionals have over 40 years of experience and pay close attention to the details, so you can be confident that you’ll get the expert help you deserve.

Make Sure Your Newly-Built Home’s in Good Condition

You wouldn’t think that a brand-new home would have any problems. Unfortunately, however, your contractors may not always pay close enough attention to what they’re doing—which can result in problems down the line. Avoid this issue by getting a new construction home inspection.

A new home inspection is four inspections during the course of the building process to ensure that everything is being built as it should be—from foundation to framing to windows and doors—and that no major problems are being missed. At Boomers Property Services, we can provide you with a home inspection for new construction, helping you to make sure everything is being built perfectly.

Find Problems Before Your Warranty Runs Out with an Inspection

Your new home comes with a warranty—but once that warranty is up, repairs will no longer be covered. Find issues before that happens by getting a home warranty inspection. An 11-month warranty inspection involves examining a home for issues just before the warranty runs out; if problems are found, they’ll still be covered under the warranty, and you can save money.

At Boomers Property Services, we’re ready to help clients in Lakeland, FL, and throughout the state with their inspections. Consider reaching out today for a free estimate!

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